Alphabat is part of the conservative treatment of patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. Alphabat contains amino acids, partly in form of there corresponding-ketoanalogues, essential for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. In combination with a protein-restricted diet Alphabat is an excellent tool to treat Chronic Kidney Disease in the predialysis period.


  • Reduction of uraemic symptoms, which are largely due to an accumulation of degradation products of the protein metabolism
  • Preservation of the residual renal function and therefore slowing down the rate of progression of the chronic kidney disease and delaying the onset of dialysis
  • Preservation of the nutritional status, despite the marked reduction of the daily protein intake
  • Improvement of metabolic complications due to renal insufficiency (e.g. proteinuria, disturbances in calcium-phosphate, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism)


Prevention & therapy of damages due to CKD till GFR is 15 ml/min,i.e.stages II, III & IV of CKD