Bestprotein-HP: 400 gram /1000 gram (Chocolate and Vanilla Flavor)

High protein supplement: 42% whey protein, Protein source is 100% whey, enriched with 5% dietary fibre, enriched with 25 vitamins & minerals. Sugar free and rich in fibers, suitable for diabetics, other important vitamins (Biotin, Choline) and trace elements (Copper, manganese, Iodine) are also available in adequate qty. Low sodium content 230mg/100gm.

Can be used as: Sip feeding and Tube feeding. Take 200 ml of warm milk/water in a glass. Add 24 g of Bestprotien powder (2 level scoops) (scoop enclosed) and stir until dissolved

  • 42% high quality and high quantity whey protein with 5% dietary Fibre from Gum acacia, Sugar free, Contains 25 vitamins and minerals. Low sodium content 230mg/100gm.
  • Sucrose Free
  • Fiber Rich
  • Low Sodium & Cholesterol
  • Gluten Free
  • Trans Fat free
  • Available in delicious Creamy Vanilla Flavour


High Protein supplement: 42% high quality protein Protein 100% Whey

  • Highest Biological Value and Highest Protein Bioavailability
  • Rapidly digested than other protein
  • Enhances immune function by increasing Glutathione levels
  • Reduces Oxidative stress and muscle fatigue
  • Contains 5% Dietary fiber
  • All soluble fibers as hydrolyzed gum acacia
  • Beneficial in lowering cholesterol & blood glucose control
  • Good for Gastrointestinal health
  • Suitable for Diabetics too